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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Why I Write

We live in interesting times.  In 2008 we elected the nation's first African American president--a truly historic occasion.   At the time I wrote that as a conservative I was disappointed but that as an American I was proud.  I also expressed my hope that President Obama would lead us on a new path toward racial reconciliation modeled after Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela.  Such reconciliation, based on forgiveness, would enable Black Americans to move forward without the burden of bitterness and anger for past oppression.  My skepticism about Barack Obama was soon realized.  As I suspected, Obama is neither a King nor a Mandela.  He is not even a leader.  In all things related to governing, he has proven to be a run of the mill Saul Alinsky disciple and an empty suit.

Saul Alinsky, Neo-Marxist and father of the community organizing movement, became the icon of many academics and students of the '60s including Hillary Rodham Clinton.  His Rules for Radicals became required reading for all proponents of  a "social justice " agenda.  I myself studied Alynsky as part of my sociology courses in the '60's.  Back then, the fact that he was a Neo-Marxist added to his "cool factor".   To understand the Obama and modern Democrat playbook, study Alynsky.

The people rioting outside the Democrat National Convention in Chicago, 1968 are now in charge of the party.  Maybe not the actual people themselves, but the beliefs and ideology that drove them now drives the Democrats.  The party of JFK, LBJ, Harry Truman etc. is now dead.

That concerns me and it should concern all of us.  That's why I started this blog.   I want my country to remain true to its founding principles of individual liberty, limited government and free markets.  Adherence to these principles made our nation the most prosperous nation on earth in less than 200 years.  America is truly an exceptional nation.  It's becoming objectionable to many to proclaim America as extraordinary.  They ask if we think we're better than everybody else.   I say we're Americans.  We ARE everybody else.



  1. I suppose we, as the offspring of the Greatest Generation, also known as the Boomers, ought to do the right thing.
    Hedonists,ALL, we want the quick fix. Here's one.
    Give up our SSA and Medicare entitlements and offer it to the small business administration In exchange for our magnanimous gesture to OUR offspring we would not be vilified and allowed to legal and honorable euthanasia.

  2. Good one. The fact that we're so addicted to our entitlements makes it easy for an empty suit that promises more. As my dad said: 10% unemployment? Try 25% in the '30's. Gas @ $3.00+ per gallon? Try gas (and food) rationing during WW ll.

    FDR started the process of Uncle Sam to the rescue but many historians now say his policies actually prolonged the depression. It took WW ll to end it.

    I think that rather than going cold turkey in stopping our govt. addiction we should gradually but drastically cut back.

  3. Agreed. 535 guillotines at the Washington Mall should be our first "cut"

  4. That WOULD be a start. However when it comes to revolutions, I prefer the American rather than the French model. Those Frenchies lead with their emotions (what else is new?). It resulted in Napoleon and other tyrants and did not lead to the promise of "Liberte, Fraternate, Egalite". I'm sure ivy league intellectuals would disagree.

    The American Revolution was grounded in reason and reality. Our founders were truly geniuses (rather than mere firebrands) who crafted a unique governing document and process.

    More than 200 years later, some elements in our society are trying to destroy this great accomplishment in the name of hope and change.

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